The Québec Mining Association is supporting the mining industry and its workers by helping to spread the word about Mining Family Matters...

Message from Josée Méthot, President and CEO of the Québec Mining Association 

The Québec Mining Association (QMA) is proud to be a partner in the Mining Family Matters project, which offers ways for mine workers to achieve a better balance between family life and work, or fly-in fly-out operations, in remote regions.  

In Québec, fly-in fly-out has become a reality for many mine workers, and this regular separation from their families complicates their daily lives. The Québec Mining Association aims to support the mining industry and its workers, and it is pleased to be able to offer a new resource for these families.

The QMA has agreed to translate some articles from the website to ensure that mine workers in Québec can read the articles in French. They have also been adapted to match realities in Québec. Through this partnership, the QMA continues to play a leadership role, acting as a key reference for a responsible, committed and innovative mining industry in Québec.

The association welcomes this initiative by the founders of Mining Family Matters, and will ensure that as many Québec workers and their families as possible are made aware of it.

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Josée Méthot