When it comes to fitness, we often use excuses like: 'There aren't enough hours in the day!' It's time to stop procrastinating and get cracking...  

By personal trainer Mareike Bout  

    1. Make exercise a priority. Plan it and make it a "not negotiable" commitment. A good way to do this is to exercise upon rising. This will burn calories and kickstart your metabolism to run at a slightly higher rate for the rest of the day.
    2. Find an exercise buddy - this will help keep you motivated and get you out of bed on those sleepy mornings.
    3. Eat a healthy and filling breakfast such as porridge or soft-boiled eggs on toast to keep your blood sugar levels stable and help prevent bingeing during the morning.
    4. Move more and burn more calories by increasing incidental activity such as taking the stairs, parking further away or walking to the local shops. Every calorie you burn is a calorie less you store as body fat!
    5. At lunch, fill up on fresh salads and low-fat protein sources like chicken breast or fish. Getting the good stuff in will help you to keep the bad stuff out.
    6. Avoid eating too many carbohydrates as they trigger more hunger and more eating (includes bread, potatoes, rice and pasta).
    7. Once you get a bit fitter, get into high intensity interval training. This is the best form of exercise for stimulating metabolism and burning body fat. Best of all it you don’t need to spend much time engaging in it – 20 minutes will do!
    8. Have a small snack such as a protein shake or a small handful of nuts before you go out socializing. The protein found in these types of foods will help make you feel full so that you are less likely to overeat. When faced with an abundance of food choices at restaurants and parties, stick to food in its most natural form possible such as vegetable sticks, dried fruit, unsalted nuts, and fruit salad.
    9. Limit alcohol. Make sure you have a big glass of sparkling water between drinks so that you don’t over-consume on the high-calorie stuff. Also, if you are drinking spirits, stick to sugar-free mixers such as soda water to save on hundreds of empty calories.
    10. Get active after your meals too. Do something fun that involves the whole family.

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