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Mining Family Matters is Canada’s new online support network for families in mining, oil and gas.

We’re committed to helping individuals and families get the most out of the industry – but we need corporate support to ensure the long-term viability of this important, free resource.

We believe there are great return benefits for companies, associations and government agencies too. Here are just a few:

  • As we said, our website is a free resource for families in mining, oil and gas. By sponsoring Mining Family Matters, you’re reinforcing your support for the families who underpin Canada’s resources industry.
  • We’re positive. Yes, we discuss the challenges of life in mining and resources, and offer proactive strategies to overcome them. But we’re also positive about the industry and the lifestyle choices it affords families.
  • Our professional advice and proactive strategies enhance company support programs. It costs up to 1.5 times an employee’s salary to replace him/her. Mining Family Matters sponsorship is a fraction of the cost – and every day we help mining families to become more resilient.
  • Sponsoring our website demonstrates to employees and the wider community that emotional wellbeing is just as important as physical health and safety.
  • With a highly targeted audience of mining, oil and gas industry leaders, employees, families and job-seekers, Mining Family Matters is a perfect vehicle to promote your company as a family-friendly employer to potential new recruits.

We offer a range of sponsorship levels – your logo can appear on every page (with varying size options) or a relevant section.

For further details or to discuss ways your company can work with Mining Family Matters, please contact Mining Family Matters co-founder Alicia Ranford by clicking here.