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By personal trainer Mareike Bout

Keeping your calorie intake in check can be challenging when you’re away from home – especially when you’re adjusting to a new routine. These days, most companies offer healthy eating options and good exercise facilities to encourage employees to stay fit and healthy on site. It’s just up to you to choose well – so here are some tips to help...




Cereals (especially granola & porridge)


Fresh fruit


Grainy, wholemeal toast

Scrambled eggs

Poached or boiled eggs

Poached fruit

Grilled tomato


Low-fat natural yoghurt


Nuts and seeds

Fruit juice

Baked beans



Wraps or grainy bread like multigrain or wholemeal filled with chicken breast and as much fresh salad as possible are a great choice. Finish off with some fruit and a few nuts and you will have plenty of energy to get you through the afternoon.


This is where it can get tough: you have worked hard all day, you're hungry and tired and all you want to do is relax and eat a tasty and satisfying meal. The bottom line with weight loss or weight maintenance is that you must keep your portions to a reasonable size. Your body can only process and use so much food at a time; any excess is quickly stored as body fat. If you want to start losing weight right now, just eat what you normally would, only 1/3 less of it. You still get to eat what you like (within reason!) so you don’t feel deprived and you don’t have to worry about counting calories or sourcing special foods.

Top tips for stopping the pounds from piling on:

1. Banish the bread.

2. Slow down and savour: remember to eat slowly to allow your brain the time it needs to register that you are full. Put your fork down between mouthfuls and savour your meal.

3. Start with soup or salad: the more you eat of the healthy stuff, the less you will eat of the calorie and fat-laden choices. For soups, go for vegetable or bean-based, the chunkier the better. Avoid any that are cream-based. For salads, the golden rule is to use minimal dressing.

4. Fill up on extra vegetables: again, a low-calorie food choice.

5. Go for lean protein: stick with low-fat cuts of meat or chicken. If necessary, you can remove the skin. Fish and shellfish are excellent choices but shouldn’t be crumbed or battered.

6. Sauce on the side: gravies, sauces, and dressings are big traps when you are watching your weight. Go easy on them or avoid them altogether.

Finish with fruit. Most other desserts are a dietary disaster.